You try to imagine what a 20 hour flight will feel like, but it is impossible!  The reality is much different that what you imagine (no matter how imaginitive you try to be…)  We managed.  The first 10 hour leg was pretty good – comfortable seats, good leg room and good food. The second 10 leg was not so good.  Tight seats, no leg room and food was ….. well, yucky!  And in the last few hours motion sickness hit me and by the time we arrived I had made several hurried trips to the lavatory.  Needless to say I was pretty sorry looking when Carole and Dawitt met us at the airport.  Feeling much better now!  Praise God!  Z and Guy are tired and dealing with a bit of jet lag, but mostly we are doing good.

So “what is Burayu like?”, you may ask.  We had our first brief tour today.  The roads are crazy!!  They aren’t “dirt” roads so much as they are rocky, pit hole ladden simbelances of roads.  You have to watch your step constantly so you don’t trip or step in things that are yucky.  But the ambience here is sooooo cool!!!  The people are very friendly.  They just come right up to you, shake your hand, tell you their name and say ‘what is your name?’  One of the GGI kid’s, Aster, came up to Zapata and started hugging and kissing her over and over.  She was so cute!!! And Zapata was so kind – she just stood there and smiled and hugged her back.  Guy and I got great hugs too.  She kept asking what she could do for us (Marga interpreted).  We told her to love Jesus and pray.  She said, “ok”.  God bless her!!

We met Pastor Emanuel and his gorgeous wife, Marga.  They invited us to lunch at a local buffet.  We were told that it is ok to eat at most restaurants here.  They are very clean and the food is safe.  This place was very clean and since it is the fasting season right now the buffet was all vegetarian.  The orthodox church will not allow any meat or animal products right now, so many restaurants even close down – no meat!  Pastor Emanuel says that they can still drink beer or smoke.  We got a good laugh over it.  So we tried our first injera and wat and some other very delicious dishes and also a coke:)  It was so nice!!

Pastor Emanuel speaks good english.  Sometimes there are things that are difficult to understand, but for the most part we can communicate pretty well.  He and his wife also invited us to their home for a coffee ceremony.  It was very fun and I have never tasted better coffee.  I don’t even have words to tell you how delicious it was – not to mention the fact that it really perked me up!

Tomorrow we will get to go to the GGI program at the church where the kids get a big meal and some bible study time and some play time.  I can’t wait to tell you all about it.