We woke up Sunday morning and I went to turn the bathroom light on and guess what, no power.  Fortunately Carole has a little gas burner so we were able to boil water for tea and coffee.  Pastor Emmanuel had invited Guy to teach at his church on Sunday.  Guy wanted to take a hot shower that morning, but he ended up with an ‘Ethiopian’ shower instead – very cold!  But in Ethiopia they just say, “no matter”. 

Pastor Emmanuel’s church is called the Burayu Full Gospel Church.  The reputation, according to Carole, is that the services are very loud.  Most of you may be aware that ‘very loud’ does not mix with Guy.  We had been a little nervous about church because of it.  So Sunday morning when we realized the power was out we were really happy and hoped that the power would stay out until after church so that they could not turn the speakers on.  Guess what – that is exactly what happened!  It was a miracle!  And we truly sensed God’s hand in it.

Guy preaching in Burayu

Guy gave a great sermon about the faith of Abraham and about living for the Lord.  Pastor Emmanuel interpreted for him.  When Guy finished speaking Pastor Emmanuel elaborated on Guy’s message in Oromofina (the native language).  Then he had an alter call and many people came forward.  Pastor Emmanuel stepped over to Guy and explained that many of them were backsliders and that Guy’s message stirred them.  After the alter call and praying for those that came forward, they were whisked away to be taught the tenets of faith and to be shephared.  This church is very solid in its ministry.

The Holy Spirit moved in an amazing way this Sunday.  I have never experienced anything like that!  It dropped me to my knees.  It wasn’t Guy or Emmanuel or the power outage – it was God moving in people with power and authority.  It changed us.  Africa changes you.