The plan for Friday was to take a trip to Addis and go to the merkato.  Apparently the merkato is the largest marketplace in all of Africa.  After our last trip to Addis I really wasn’t looking forward to this trip.  I was nervous in Piassa, which is really tame compared to Merkato.  Merkato is where you have to watch out for pick pockets and such.  Carole’s even had someone grab her bag once when she was there.  ‘Oh’, she says, ‘you have to experience it.  You just can’t leave Africa without going to merchato.’ 

When we woke up Friday morning we realized that today was a Muslim holiday.  Everything was closed!  Carole called Dawitt and he was going to see if Merkato was open and then pick up a rental car and be at the house around 10 or 11 o’clock.  Well, here’s the thing in Ethiopia.  Setting an appointment doesn’t really mean anything.  Things just happen here and you just can’t count on things happening on time.  So we wait and we wait.  10 o’clock rolls by.  11 o’clock rolls by.  12 o’clock rolls by.   1 o’clock rolls by……..  We’re a little frustrated, but what can you do.  It’s Ethiopia.  It’s just the way things are here.  Guy spent his time visiting with Kefley and then sitting on a log just oustide the compound watching people go by.  He is so funny.  I spent some time sewing.  Carole read a book and Zapata was everyone’s shadow, especially Carole’s and Carole’s cat.  Dawitt finally arrived and we got out of town about 3 or so hours later than we had planned.

Turns out Merkato was a bust because of the holiday (I was so relieved!) so we went to lunch at a place in Addis that serves cheeseburgers.  We met Tolla Gada there and had a really nice visit with him.  He is an American Ethiopian and was the man responsible for planting the church in Burayu with Pastor Amanuel.  It was kind of a pivitol meeting in that we feel like we’ve met just about everyone that has a hand in the GGI project here in Burayu and Tolla’s knowledge and Godly perspective on Africa was really interesting. 

With each person we meet we are amazed at how focused their life in Christ is to them.  Jesus is truly working through these people.  The spirit of God is so real here and Guy and I came away from this last meeting with the realiztion that we had many things to pray about and that we want the same kind of relationship with Christ that these people have.  It’s a fully dependent relationship with Him.  We have such a clearer understanding now of what it means to truly GIVE your life to Him.  It will be hard to leave this place. Even though we are looking forward to getting home, we feel Africa pulling us.  Is it Africa or the Lord???  God knows.