Carole was still feeling a little bit sick Thursday morning.  Mostly just a cough, but 4 hours of teaching English would really make things worse for her, so Guy and I taught her and Sandy’s classes again at the Bereket School.  I have to admit I was not really looking forward to it.  Just the thought of those unruly 4th graders made me shiver.  But I wanted to be good sport, so off we went.

It actually turned out to be a pretty good day and the 4th graders turned out to be my best class.  I think the principal threatened them before we came because they were so rowdy last time. 

After school we were invited to lunch with Kefley and his wife, Heide.  They are Carole and Sandy’s landlords and they live upstairs.  Heide is German and Kefley is Ethiopian.  They are a darling couple and very fun to visit with.  They both say “ya ya” a lot.  They have two servants and they put out a beautiful spread of Ethiopian food.  We started with a bowl of spaghetti with a red fish sauce.  It was so yummy!  Then there was wat and injera (of course), cooked cabbage with carrots, green beans with carrots, a beet salad and a fresh salad.  Heide calls her home a ‘Mediteranean Palace’.  It truly is.  It is very European and very comfortable and their view from upstairs is amazing.

After lunch Heide “invited” us to the cafe for a cup of tea or a machiatto.  So all of us girls (no boys) met downstairs and headed for town.  Yes, it was a little awkward walking through town – here we are a whole herd of white women.  Boy, did we get a few stares.  No matter – can’t change the color of my skin right?  We got to the cafe and when we ordered the girl says, ‘no machiatto – no tea’.  We had forgotten that the power has been off all day…..  rats!!  So we had sodas and Ambo and ordered a couple of cakes to share.  BTW nothing is very sweet here.  You may see a pastry or cookie that looks like it will be so yummy, but when you taste it, it is so bland!! 

Well we had a really fun time with our little German friend and when we got home Guy was waiting for us because we needed to deliver Obse’s wheelchair.  Obse is in the GGI program.  She is about 19 years old and has been crippled from birth.  She gets around using her hands.  We learned that she had to spend a couple days in the hospital recently because she develops heart problems from all of the exertion she uses to get around. 

So if you think it was awkward walking through town with a bunch of white women, just imagine the spectacle of walking through town pushing a brand new wheelchair.  I can just hear the people, “what are those white people doing now!?”  I definitely felt like a parade.  We had little kids joining our little parade as we walked.  They’d just walk along side us and stare and smile at us.  One little boy started up a nice conversation with Carole so that he could practice his English.  It was really sweet.

Unfortunately Obse wasn’t home when we delivered the wheelchair.  We hope to see her on Saturday morning for the GGI program.  On the way home a tall man waves down Carole from the budgej he’s riding in.  The man was Gustachew.  He is an accountant / auditor and a friend of Carole and Sandy’s.  He had been trying to call Carole, but her phone wasn’t working.  He heard that the white people where taking a wheelchair to Obse and so he was just riding up the road hoping to run into us.  (word travels fast in a small town – even faster than in Yreka!) 

Guy and Gustachew had a great time talking to each other and he stayed for dinner.  Carole and I had quite a time preparing dinner in the dark and with just one little gas burner.  But the candlelight ambience was fun!  Gustachew is so passionate about his faith.  He explained how God has led him into the position he is in now and how his position allows him to share Christ.  He really likes Carole a lot and is a really good friend to her. 

The power came on just as we were finishing dinner and we were all just a little disappointed.  We prayed together and said our goodbyes.  It was a really cool day.