March 2010


I’m writing this last post from Yreka.  Saturday was a blur.  We went to the church for the Saturday GGI program.  It was one last chance to see the kids and say goodbye.  Those kids are so easy to love – I suppose I’ve said that before, but there just isn’t really a better way to put it.  They are so much fun.  So we did the whole routine again.  Breakfast, bible study, lunch….  The kids got a little goody bag on their way out.

The rest of the day involved a lot of visitors.  Amanuel and Marge stopped by with some wonderful gifts for us.  Marge bought Zapata and me traditional Ethiopian outfits.  They are beautiful and she was so thoughtful.  Later Samson and Enat stopped by and they too brought us wonderful Ethiopian gifts.  We were blown away!  It was just a very busy afternoon getting in one last visit with so many of the our new friends.  The gifts were nice but what we truly left with are treasures that will remain in our hearts forever.  We really feel like we made friends in Burayu that we will have for the rest of our lives.

We had to pull out extra suitcases to bring home all the gifts we were given.  So much for leaving with a light load!  Dawitt arrived early, which was nice.  Carole had cooked up some meat and we were planning on having tacos for dinner and especially wanted Dawitt to try an American taco.  Well, as Carole was cooking people began arriving.  By the time dinner was ready we had a full house and about enough food for everyone to at least try one taco each.  So instead of dinner it was more like a snack, but that’s ok.  It was really fun!  And Dawitt liked the taco:)  What a cute kid!

The airport was a bit confusing and in the confusion missed saying our formal goodbyes to Carole and Dawitt!  Dang it!!  I was really hungry as we waited for our flight and ended up eating one last Ethiopian meal at the airport.  The flight to Amsterdam was fine.  Since it was basically the middle of the night everyone on the plane pretty much slept the whole way.  We had about a 3 hour layover in Amsterdam and spent some of the time visiting with a young girl we met on our flight to Ethiopia 10 days earlier.  Funny coincidence to meet up with her again.  She shared the great time she had in Ethiopia and we really learned a lot from her and of course we told her all about Burayu.

The airline people really hustled everyone on board for the flight to the states.  “we will be leaving in 5 minutes, please take your seats….. blah blah blah”.  Then the pilot couldn’t get one of the engines to start and we ended up sitting on the tarmac for 2 stinking hours!!  So a 10 hour flight turned into a 12 hour flight and that caused us to miss our connection in Seattle.  The re-route added an additional 10 hours to the trip!!  Grrrr!!!  Nevertheless we made it home and are feeling pretty good now.

Our trip to Ethiopia was unforgettable and we are hoping that the Lord will allow us to return.  In the meantime we will continue to pray for the needs in Burayu – for the Burayu Full Gospel Church – for Pastor Amanuel and his wife Marge – for all of the evangelists that the church sends out – for the children that are in the church and in the GGI program – for Samson and Enat and their school……  the list is long, but our God is big and He is faithful and He is so good.