Our first full day in Gulu

We split up – Me and Candis, Guy and Jerry.  So I can’t really describe what Guy’s experience was like, only my own.  Candis and I visited the Jesus is the Truth school.  I met many of the teachers and shook hands with a bunch of the students, but I’m just going to cut to the most impressive experience I had there.

I met a woman named Lilly.  Lilly was a child mother during the war.  She is now on staff at the school and she works with child mothers in counseling.  One of the child mothers arrived today to deliver a letter to Candis and Jerry.  The letter was thanking them for the help they provided her during the war.  At that time she had twins and one of them is named after Candis.  They are four years old now.  She is married and has another child.  Lilly and her staff were able to council them in their marriage and they stayed together.  Her husband was overwhelmed with the notion of parenting twins and wanted to leave, but with the help of Lilly and others they have stayed together.  In writing this I realize it may seem  a little dry, but the analogy that Candis made was that this girl was like the one leper of the ten that returned to thank Jesus for healing him.  She returned to show her appreciation.  It was a really beautiful moment and highlights the fruit of this ministry and reassures them that God is using them and lives are being changed by the grace of God.