Yesterday we joined a prayer walk for the Jesus is the Truth School and the Home of Love Orphanage.  I was an honor to go into each classroom and join the Action Staff to pray for the children and teachers.  The children opened with a worship song and then one of the pastors lead a prayer and the rest of us laid hands on the children and prayed along.  When we finished the men would lead a little exit song as we went to the next classroom.  The littlest children were the sweetest.  They are so happy to sing and be prayed for.  We did the same at the orphanage except the children were’nt there from school just yet so we actually just went to their bunk rooms and prayed for them.  Believe it or not that actually took most the day by the time everyone left the school and drove to the orphanage and ate a dish of posho and beans and prayed there.

Guy and I were given the night off from visiting or programs (aka plans).  We went back to our room and I passed out.  Guy went out and bought some more bottled water and sat on the patio and watched the evening crowd.  Later we had ‘chips and salad’ for dinner, which is actually french fries and coleslaw.  I think the staff here at the hotel think we are pretty weird because first we don’t want to eat their buffet (did that once and won’t do it again) and second we never order any meat.  They call the meat “food”, so when you order something like chips and salad they may say, “yes, ok, but what food do you want?”  . . . funny.

We went back to the room and watched a little Ugandan TV and let the drone of the generator outside our window lull us to sleep.  Another beautiful day in Gulu!