friday I had the opportunity to visit the jail here in Gulu. It certainly wasnt the siskiyou county jail that Steve Dean and I  find ourselves at the first two Wednesday of every month. The men met us in the court yard about 65 of them.They were ressed in canary yellow garg with some wearing no shoes or worn sandals. The cells are simply concrete blocs with no windows and a door. They seem to be able to move about but not to far as there are armed guards a plenty. Alot of the men were receptive  to the four of us and we sang with them. These guys sounded really good, better than any recent church services I have attended. You could feel the spirit move as we all shared the gospel and our testimonies. It was really the highlight of our trip so far but then there was today. You can read about today tomorrow as deb writes about our experience in the Uganda bush. It was like something from Mutual of Omaha If your old enough to remember that tv show. Thanks GUY