WOW what a day in Africa! Deb and I went  (along with our driver Dayo(sp?)) went to the head waters and the source of the Nile! You enter in your car like our national park system to a gate and a small building and a sort of park ranger comes out and you have to pay an entrance fee. They charged us white people 12000 shillings each and our driver, a native, 2000 shilling. 26000 shillings is about  11 dollars us. Then we drove about 300 yards and spotted the Nile. Awesome!  In fact Lake Victoria is the source of the Nile. We paid 200,000 shillings (apx $80) to a tour guide to take us out on the water for a little over an hour. We went along the shore to see all the wild life. Huge birds and Heron and kingfishers and other exotic birds dotted the shore line and also an occasional lizard. The vegetation and trees were absolutely remarkable, green, green, green. Some of the birds had blue and red beeks or were completely white. The current was strong and the boat [large canoe] had difficulty at times with the rapid current. The Nile is different than our rivers I mean this is the river Moses drifted in. Our guide gave us all the info about the river and such. It takes 3 months to get from here thru the Sudan, then Egypt and then its final destination the mediteranean sea. There were fisherman on the river throwing out nets just like the time of Jesus. There were communities or villages along the shore line going about their lives unconcerned about the Muzungu [foreigners]. It was a moment in time I shant forget. Then when we exited the large wood canoe there were soldiers and police around the area for some political rally or speech or something. We left not wanting to be involved in the gathering- that’s Africa things can change quickly.