Hi Folks just a few comments on Africa in general.After settling in now one gets a deeper view and perspective of the people and culture of Africa.There seems to be  a sense of community here a togetherness I have sensed here in Uganda and in our previous visit to Ethiopia. A community feel we perhaps had in the U S during our struggling early years. The years of colonizatrion here although in most aspects help build the infrastructure [roads bridges schools communication churches etc. have led to a convoluted dependency. I would compare it to adolescense. The sense that we know what we want but not really sure how to get there from here. I never realized the role model  we in the U S play here. The people here really look to the west for leadership role models and especially the Body of Christ ie the Church!Where do I get this idea?Having had many conversations with our drivers as we tour Uganda. They all expressed a hope in the church and in the U S. They all believe that the U S is this land of riches and wealth where everybody is rich and happy sort of a shangra- la.Truthfully it is in a material sense.  Life for the most part is brutal here. Its like camping out for the rest of your life. There is a sobriety a awful awareness that this is as good as it going to get for most Africans.Thats where the Church comes into play. To help but not to produce dependency.There are many ngos here [non govermental agencies] but I dont see that as the ultimate solution. Its the same problem we have in the U S with our welfare system. The culture here is to seek for help rather than for help to originate from within. But I belive that might be changing with the huge influence of the church and the teaching of the scriptures. Ugandans, Ethiopians and Africans in general are tired of the status quo. Their seems to be a growing desire to do it Gods way. The greatest need I see here is LEADERSHIP. Not helping hands but African hands. I have never seen such a desire for leadership not dictatorship. The word of God is the greatest factor  in changing Africa. So come on Church lets dig in and pray for the church here and support them as God changes Africa from within. After all were all in the same family. Shalom from Jinja,