So Guy and I have spent the last couple days “exploring” Awassa.  We leave the house we are staying at and trek up the road into town.  Sometimes a Bajaj will stop and we ride a ways, but we never really know what to tell the driver, so there is often a lot of confusion and I’m sure we usually overpay for short trips to the wrong place – oh well, whatever – it’s all totally fun anyways!  Yesterday we used a little map that our host had made and that helped us get around a little better.  She recommended an Italian restaurant in town for lunch and we actually got a driver to take us right to the front door.  We sat outside and had a leisurly lunch.  They served perfectly cooked pasta that was sooooo delicious.  I even had dessert after.  It was like a gourmet meal and it cost us all of about $10 for both of us including drinks.  As we sat there we could just as well have been sitting at a restaurant in Maui.  It was amazing!

We wandered around town for a couple more hours and even found ourselves in an alley or two.  We high fived each other that we were walking in alleys in Africa.  I know I know – it sounds silly, but it’s braver than you think.  We were supposed to be at the orphanage at 3 and found ourselves just a little bit lost.  Of course the bajaj driver had no idea what we were talking about when we said the “secret code” that we were told would take us to the right neighborhood that the orphanage was at.  So we hopped in anyways and by the grace of God pointed our way right to where we needed to be.  More high fives!

We spent a couple hours hanging out with the kids and babies.  Oh my goodness!  They are the darlingest kids you’ve ever seen.  They are so loved at Ebeneezer Grace Children’s Home.  So loved!!  We spent a little time all together, praying for the kids, the mamas and the orphanage.  It was a great time!

Then we headed back to our house and that evening a bunch of folks came over for “movie night”.  There was Christmas music playing, cookies baked and kids and parents and friends piled in for a great time of fun and fellowship.  Everyone was a missionary of one sort or another with amazing backgrounds, educations, and stories about their journey that lead them to Ethiopia.  I have to admit, I felt a bit unworthy to be in their company, but it was a real blessing all the same.

We are just getting ready to head out for a “fun” day (as if everyday hasn’t been a “fun” day)!  We are going to rent a boat and see hippos on Lake Awassa!  How fun is that?!!?