So we saw the hippos on Lake Awassa.  It was fun going out on the boat, but I have to admit, seeing the hippos was pretty anticlamatic for some reason.  I guess we were just too far away and the boat driver wouldn’t get any closer.  I’m sure he knows what he’s doing.  So, no matter!  It was a nice time anyways and I did get a few pictures.

Sunday morning Guy got to share at “English” church.  English church is a service that is held every other Sunday in Awassa.  It is basically for the missionaries in the area, since most services are in Amharic.  This gives them a chance to fellowship in English.  They take turns having different speakers, so there is no one pastor conducting the service.  Guy did a great job bringing a message about serving the Lord in love.  Rachel did a fantastic job leading worship!  I loved it!  I guess I was due for a little “English” church myself.

We invited our friends the Ayele’s and the Munson’s (the folks we are staying with) to dinner after the service.  Then we went home and packed up our stuff to prepare for the long journey home.  Our journey home included one little detour however.

I have to tell you this little story.  When we decided to go to Ethiopia for this trip we knew we wanted to go to Awassa, but we also wanted to visit our friends in Burayu.  Unfortunatley we were not able to connect with anyone in Burayu before we left and so we just didn’t have any way to make it all work – no place to stay and no driver.  But I just couldn’t shake the desire to see our friend Pastor Amanuel while we were in Ethiopia.  So one day (it was the day we saw the hippos) we were having lunch at this beautiful resort and a familar face walked past us.  I couldn’t take my eyes off this face because he looked so familar and he too had his eyes fixed on Guy and I and then it hit us both – Dawitt!  Dawitt was our driver the last time we were in Ethiopia.  I had tried to email him, but did not get a reply – and there he was – in Awassa, in the same resort.  Well we had hearty greetings and were both pretty surprised.  He was busy with clients, but we got his phone number, just in case he could help us with directions we’d need to give our driver in order to get to Burayu (no one in Awassa knew of the place) on our way to Addis before we flew home.

We found out later that our driver wouldn’t take us to Burayu so we ended up calling Dawitt and he magically arranged for a driver to meet us in Addis and take us to Burayu and then to the airport.  I know the Lord arranged all of this!  So we did get to visit Burayu and our driver knew right where the church was.  We went to the church and within 10 minutes Amanuel was there to greet us.  We explained that we only had a few hours to visit, but we managed to see Amanuel’s wife and daughter, tour the new training center for pastors and evangelists, tour the school and the new church building.  We were impressed with the changes we saw in the town and in the growth of the church.  God is doing an awesome work there.  We were blessed to see a few old friends and have a chance to bump shoulders and exchange greetings and then just like that our time was up and we were off to the airport.  I still marvel at how that all worked out.  God is so awesome!